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Reception: Moonlight

Welcome to Moonlight!

Summer activities from the Oak National Academy

Pease help your child to learn to read some of these words each week.

There has been a pheasant wandering around our school grounds today.

Hello Moonlight class,


Miss Christie and I are really enjoying getting to know you all and watch how you play and explore in our Moonlight classroom. Tell your parents about what your favorite activity is in our classroom.


See you soon


Mrs Waddington and Miss Christie x


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Reminders for parents

Dear the lovely Moonlight class,


The end of the term is here and it is almost time to put up our feet and enjoy the summer holidays. We have had a strange year and we have missed seeing you and having fun with you  all over the last few months. Mrs Creed and I have some lovely memories of our time together. Do you remember our lovely trip to the farm? We had so much fun looking at all of the animals. We loved looking at all of your baby photos and trying to guess whose photo was whose. We have loved playing in the role play with you and watching you build and create in the construction area. We have loved watching with amazement as you have learnt to read and write and count. Moonlights you are all amazing! I cannot wait to see you in the new year and for you to tell me all of the things you have been doing whilst we have all been at home. 


Carry on taking care of yourself. Have some fun with your family and we look forward to seeing you on Friday 28th August.


Love Mrs Waddington and Mrs Creed 

Home learning from 7th July 2020

Home learning from 30th June 2020

Home learning from 23rd June 2020

Home learning from 16th June 2020

Story time with Mrs Shaw

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A message from Mrs Waddington

Hello Moonlight Class!


How are you all? I miss you all and think about you all every single day. I keep wondering how tall you have grown and if you are enjoying the activities we have been putting on the website for you? I have enjoyed doing the videos for you to watch 🙂 Today I thought I would introduce you to one of the members of my family.... He is small and furry. He loves to eat sunflower seeds and likes to run in his little wheel. Can you guess what type of animal he is? He is a hamster. We called him Olaf, just like the snowman from Frozen. Can you think why we might have called him that? Here is a clue... think about the colour of his fur. Last week we made a maze for him out of boxes. It was lots of fun watching him find his way around. Here is a picture of him in his maze. Sorry it is a but blurry but he is very fast!


I have been enjoying find lots of lovely stories for you all to enjoy when we are back at school. I have found a great one about a colour monster that I think you will love. Look out for some more activities on the website next week! 


I know Mrs Creed is missing you all very much too! 


Take care

Mrs Waddington 


Home learning from 19th May 2020

Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Activities for home learning from 21st April 2020.

A message from your teachers

Hello Moonlights! 

Mrs Waddington and Mrs Creed are thinking about you all and wondering how your beans are getting on? Have they got a root and a shoot now? You might need to plant them in a pot with some soil very soon. I have been doing some planting with my children too and our courgettes now have a shoot and some leaves. 


We hope you are all trying to do a little bit of learning every day. Practice your writing and don't forget to do some reading too.


We miss you all

Mrs. Waddington has been looking after her bean plant.

Do you like our role play area?

We try hard with all of our art.

Do you remember when we went to the farm?

Counting is very important.