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Reception: Twilight

Welcome to Reception: Twilight!



Summer activities from the Oak National Academy

Pease help your child to learn to read some of these words each week.

There has been a pheasant wandering around our school grounds today.


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Hello Twilight families,

Welcome to the Twilight Class. We are very happy to have your wonderful children to teach this year. We know that they have not been to school for a long time, but we are looking forward to working with you to continue their learning. Please make sure to keep looking at the school website for updates of home learning.

Below are some photos of your children’s classroom and the adults helping them this year.

Thank you

Ms Kaur and Mrs Ibrahim

Reminders for parents

Dear Twilights, 


I just wanted to send you a little message to wish you all a very enjoyable summer holiday! It has been lovely seeing some of you over the last few weeks and I hope the rest of you have had fun doing some learning at home with your families 🙂 I wish you lots of luck for Year 1. Have a lovely summer!


From Miss Kube 

Home learning from 7th July 2020

Home learning from 30th June 2020

Home learning from 23rd June 2020

Home learning from 16th June 2020

Story time with Mrs Shaw

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A message from Miss Kube


Hello Twilights!


I hope everyone has enjoyed learning about The Enormous Turnip the past couple of weeks. This week I have been practising my doubling and halving skills too, just like Miss Deacon. I have been making sure that each of my two cats gets the same number of treats so that it is fair. I had 6 treats for my cats, when I shared them equally, they had 3 treats each! Half of 6 is 3. 


Also, your beans are really tall now and they have flowers on them too. Soon they will be ready to grow actual beans! 


From Miss Kube

Home learning from 19th May 2020

Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Activities for home learning from 21st April 2020.

A message from Miss Kube


Dear Twilight Class, 


Did you enjoy the sunshine last week? Your beans certainly did! They have been growing in my garden and, with all the sunshine, they have grown so tall! I have been using my watering can to make sure they get plenty of water too. 

This week, I have read a book which I think you will love. It is called 'The Snail and the Whale' and it is written by an author called Julia Donaldson. It is a rhyming book and I have had great fun spotting all of the rhyming words. I will bring it to share with you when we come back to school! Maybe you could read a book this week too? I would love to hear all about what you've been reading when we return to school. 


From Miss Kube

Look at how much the beans have grown.

We are making our own Super Potato


Welcome to theTwilight Classroom

We went to the Fire Station