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SEND Information Report

Our school provides support for pupils across the four areas of need as laid out in the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice 2014.


  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/ or physical needs


This information should be read alongside our Special Educational Needs and Disability policy, the Anti- Bullying policy and our expected equality duties shown in the school’s Single Equality and Disability Equality policies For more information about support for children and families in schools and across Leicester city, see the 'Local Offer' and ‘My Choice’ links below.


School staff and training

Our school Special Educational Needs Co- ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Shaw. The SENCo has achieved the Masters Level National Award for SEN Coordination. Our SEND governor is Mrs. S. Applebee-Lewis


Staff training is planned for all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children including those with SEND. This includes whole school training on SEND and training courses for named staff, directly linked to the needs of specific children in their class. Training during the academic year 2017- 2018 included Autism Education Trust Level 2 and 3, Team Teach (positive behaviour support), supporting young children with Down’s Syndrome, Drawing and Talking and Play Interaction. We also work very closely with the Special Education and Disability Support Services, (SENDSS) Health and Social Care for advice, additional resources and assessment support.


How do we identify a child with special educational needs?

An initial concern may be raised by the teacher, by families, previous settings or schools, or by other agencies that come into contact with the child (for example, healthcare professionals). We also listen to what the children have to say about their own learning and wellbeing.


Alongside referrals, we use progress data and transition information from other schools or settings. We aim to identify children with special needs as early as possible.


It could be that it is decided to place a child on SEN Support. This simply means that they will be given extra help within school to meet their needs. In some cases it could be that further advice is needed from the Special Educational Needs Support Service. We will always ask permission from the child’s family before we do this.


How will the school support children with special educational needs?


Some children will need support throughout their time at Green Lane, others will only need support for a short time. Staff work closely with individual families and outside agencies to ensure that all children can take part in all activities, including after school clubs, external trips and activities. Our access arrangements are as shown in the school’s Accessibility Plan.


As a school we are mindful of, and comply with, Leicester City Expectations of Schools, which outlines the key ways pupils should be supported in class. We use lots of different ways to help children to learn at Green Lane- enhanced outdoor areas, working in pairs, in groups, individually or with an adult. Tasks are set according to individual need. Children might be given different resources or alternative methods to record work. Current resources include specialist equipment (chairs, standing frames, weighted cushions), visual communication systems, coloured overlays and ‘handiwriters’ (for pencil grip). We also offer a range of interventions to meet specific needs (follow the link to ‘interventions’ below).


Children’s well- being and mental health is important to us. Alongside individual therapeutic programmes, we promote a caring and supporting ethos, in which everyone is included and valued.


How do families know how their child is getting on?

The school will work with families to decide how best to meet the child’s needs. Support plans will be set out on an individual ‘Pupil Profile’ and will be reviewed at least termly. Small group and 1:1 interventions are monitored and evaluated throughout the year to ensure effectiveness. Pupil Profiles are written in consultation with families and include contributions from the child. We want you to feel involved and your children to feel safe, secure and to be the best that they can possibly be.


Moving on

We have close links with schools across the city and aim to make the transition between schools as smooth as possible. This will include passing on children’s records and any other relevant information but might also include transition visits and the use of social stories or transition books (‘Goodbye, hello’, ‘My new school’)


Worried, unhappy with something or want to make a complaint?

In the first instance you can contact either your child’s class teacher, the SENCo or the Head Teacher. Please see our complaints procedure for further information.

Further information

Local Offer Leicester provides more information and advice about special educational needs and disabilities:


SEND Policy

Accessibility Plan