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School class organisation 2021 to 2022


Year Group


Support Staff


Year 2        Badger

Miss H. Deacon

Mrs. N. Yusuf

Mrs. A. Khalifa

Year 2        Hare

Mr. C. Beck


Mrs. F. Mayet


Year 2        Fox

Mr. I. Page


Mrs J. Roberts


Year 1        Zebra

Mrs. L. Reading

Mrs. L. Grant


Miss L. Reynolds


Year 1        Crocodile

Miss M. Lee


Mrs. J. Creed


Year 1        Lion

Mrs. E. Moitt


Mrs. R. Patel


Reception   Twilight

Ms A. Kaur


Mrs. I. Shaikh

Mrs. R. Vaghela


Reception   Moonlight

Mrs. G. Waddington


Miss S. Supeda


Reception   Sunlight


Mr D. Mason


Miss S. Christie

Reception   Starlight

 Miss D. Lee


Mrs. R. Patel




Miss F. Ashraf


Mrs. N. Jakhara

Mrs. A. Ibrahim



Mrs. N. Shaw is our school SENCo (special educational needs co-ordinator).


Miss R. Hudson provides support across the school. We also have many teaching assistants who work on a 1:1 basis with different children.