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Student Governors


At Green Lane, we want our children to know that their opinions count and having class representatives to share these ideas is central to this. The student governors, are made up of a group of peer elected children from each class ranging from children in Reception year to Year 2. The children have met throughout the year to discuss key issues and organise events.


At the start of the year, the children helped to organise a ‘Mini Marathon’ to not only support a member of staff who was running in the London Marathon but also to raise money for the charity she was running for, Whizz Kidz. As part of this project, the children took part in leading an assembly.


The student governors have also taken a pinnacle role in discussing what activities they would like to be able to access during play time and lunch times. They discussed this with their classes and from the results wrote a letter to the head teacher with their ideas. As we continue through the year, the student governors will continue to meet and discuss issues that are important for our children.