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Year 2: Fox

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Welcome to Year 2: Fox!



Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Hey Foxes!

How are you? It’s a strange time at the moment and things are a bit boring without school. But there are lots of things you can do at home so you can keep busy and have fun. 

I’ve been watching workout videos on YouTube to help keep me fit and I’ve been doing lots of exercise in the garden. I wonder how many push-ups or star jumps you can do in a minute! Remember to do lots of exercise as it is really important to stay active and healthy.

I’ve also been learning new things. I’m learning how to cook, so I can prepare lots of healthy meals. You could maybe help your parents with the cooking at home by preparing lots of tasty things! I’ve been doing lots of reading as well. Have you read any good books recently? I’m enjoying reading lots of non-fiction books about the Victorians. How about you?

Don’t forget to keep learning. There are lots of fun activities to do on the school website. There are learning games to play on CBeebies and BBC Bitesize as well. If you can’t access these websites try practicing counting in 2s, 5s and 10s or maybe even 3’s and 4’s!

It’s feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, but I hope to see you all soon! I’m missing you all and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to! Stay safe and be good.

Mr Page

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Story time with Mrs Shaw

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Home learning from 28th April 2020


The Life of Florence Nightingale


History - Florence Nightingale Magic Grandad and BBC bitesize

Geography - look at world maps for Scutari and Crimea 

Geography - look at the differences in the weather patterns for UK and Turkey

Maths - compare the sizes and order tins in the cupboard

Science- What foods are healthy. Look in your cupboard with mum/dad and decide what to have for a healthy lunch

Home Learning from 21st April 2020


  • Art: Andy Goldsworthy art. Try to make something in your garden.
  • Maths: jumping in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10's forwards and backwards. How many slabs are in your garden?
  • History: watch magic Grandad Victorians (on YouTube).
  • English: talk to parents about the differences today and in the Victorian times.
  • DT: can you help your parents bake something?
  • Science: think about your lunch. Was it heathy?

A message from Mr. Page


Hello Foxes! 

Mrs Khalifa and I have missed you and hope you are keeping busy at home. 

We have a challenge for you! Can you draw pictures of your favourite arctic animals? 

Don't forget to label them. We look forward to seeing these when we are all back at school. 

Stay safe and be good.


Mr Page     

Our theme is called 'It's cold outside'.

Our theme is called 'It's cold outside'. 1

Remembrance Day

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