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Our maths mastery curriculum has been designed through our participation with the Maths Hub. Our school specific long-term progression plan, based on government approved schemes aims to ensure children gain solid foundations with a focus on fluency and variation so that children build procedural fluency with semantic understanding and can apply these skills within different contexts.

Mathematical thinking has high profile in our lessons so our children are able to reason and problem solve using fluency and have a strong understanding of the mathematical concepts and how they need to be applied in varying ways.


Maths in the EYFS also follows the mastery approach. As well as being part of every day routines such as counting at register time, using language such as first and then, and simple problem solving situations such as 'are there enough' we have set maths moments times each day that is planned and progressional.

We begin in the nursery by looking at basic concepts such as comparison and categorisation. Number is also looked at through subitising and some early number studies including number songs and maths within stories.

We believe in keeping up to date with our pedagogy and in reception we have become part of the NCETMs mastering number programme. This is developing the childrens' number sense.

There is a mix of planned adult focus and in the moment learning, away from the carpet, where all of the staff are aware of the children current abilities and next steps.


In all year groups language is at the heart of the maths learning, with the children being encourage to use sentence stems and verbalise their reasoning.

Maths Intent, Implementation and Impact